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Another award:

Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket

Yay! :) Thanks to everyone who voted, ILU guys!

I'm thinking about making an awards entry so I can just add stuff there when/if I win something cause these separate posts seem like bragging, lol.
ng: winnie


I wanna do something for all of you awesome kids who have friended this journal, in the spirit of holidays and all that. Alas, there's too many of you (nearly 300, which is AMAZING) so I'll have to limit this to the first 30 people that respond (if they do, lol).

i. Give me up to 5 HQ images.
ii. Please include my fandoms only (you can see which ones in the userinfo); this is just because I'm more likely to finish the requests in a timely manner if I'm motivated and interested in the subject.
iii. I reserve the right to choose and pick from those images, depending on what inspires me or is or isn't workable.
iv. Only the people watching my community get to request.
v. If you reserve a spot, please comment with your chosen images as soon as possible.

Thanks! :)